Monday, July 13, 2009

Jason Kelly's Day Trading Robot Reviewed

Jason Kelly is a big time yet underground daytrader who's milking the stock markets for massive profits.

Being a skeptical and cautious guy I knew I had to do my research to find out what I could about Jason Kelly. I also wanted to see from credible third parties and customers who've used his system what they had to say about it and whether they were being successful or having their stock portfolios tank.

The stock market is filled with opportunity, but it is not without substantial risks.

Losing all of your hard earned saving is an all to easy thing to accomplish when you play the stock market.

So, I want to find someone who is succeeding at trading by using a proven system which relies on objective facts and takes the guess work and emotion out of it.

He claimed to have such a system and communicated pretty well the benefits and workings of his system.

Well, you may ask if folks using the program were making cash and getting real returns or if they were simply like the proverbial lemmings plunging off the cliff?

So I took a look around the web on Google and Yahoo to see what was to be found there and some interesting patterns emerged.

There was some negativity associated with what was said, but the alerts were ignored and people were hesitant to exit out of trades.

As you probably are already aware, timing is of critical importance when dealing with the stock market, and particularly so when trying to figure out when to exit with your funds on the line.

These complainers proved to be nothing more than lazy people who didn't follow the system the way it was meant to be done. So their results were no shock to me.

Most of what I saw out there in talking to people was positive stuff. The overriding quote was "when you follow the system you make money. But you have to do most of the trades so the law of averages works out in your favor and you're able to profit."

My little knowledge about the stock market makes it risky for me to trade - and you should beware of the same.

Review the video here to learn about the system and to determine if it is a good tool to augment your investment portfolio based on your plans and expectations for future growth. Here's a quick video for you to watch and see how good this system is and whether it's right for you.